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2 Years On Both Sides Of The Curtain

Hello Lovely Readers!

Two years ago today, I started my blog journey with Both Sides Of The Curtain!

It has been a wonderful two year journey. I am so grateful for it, and so excited for what’s to come!

Just like last year, I wanted to take the time to reflect on everything the year has brought me.

I definitely think I need to start by addressing the events of the year.

A global pandemic resulting in a theatre shutdown wasn’t expected, so I definitely didn’t expect to be so busy running a theatre blog when there wasn’t any live theatre. I had planned to wait it out, take the vacation, and come back when the curtains came up.

Well, we all know it lasted way longer than any of us expected, and honestly, I needed this creative outlet more than ever. Continuing to write kept my hopes up, and I hoped that it might help inspire others to keep their faith as well.

And as we all know, something magical happened.

Theatre began to thrive. Even though physical theatres were dark, and stages were empty, artists around the world continued to create. New shows, previously filmed shows, concerts... Things were popping up all over the internet and the community flourished.

Throughout the pandemic, I have had a front row seat to how resilient theatre is, and the power of the arts community.

We are still here.

And so, there was lots to cover on the page.

I had so much fun watching, sharing and reviewing digital shows in all their different forms! From newly-released proshots, to workshops, and digital concerts, it was a year full of incredible theatre, and I even got to speak with some of the people making it happen.

One of my favourite things which I started this year, were my Theatre History posts. I’ve always been a theatre nerd, and I loved having a final product to my trips down the Google rabbit hole.

This year, my best friend Crissy and I started a theatre podcast called Breaking The Curtain. It’s been so exciting learning how to podcast, chatting all things theatre with my best friend, and interviewing exciting guests!

You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Spotify!

We’re also working hard to get our episodes transcribed and onto our websites.

I’ve learned a lot running this page, and it would be impossible to list it all.

I did want to share what I think is the most important thing:

Just Ask.

Whether it’s inviting someone for an interview, or as another kind of guest, to even collaborating with other creators.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

So send that email, message, or make the phone call. The worst anyone can say is no.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who supports this endeavour.

From my readers, to our podcast listeners, the people who follow, like, share, comment… Thank you so much.

Without you, the readers, the followers, the listeners, this would just be a page with my thoughts. It’s all of you who make this a conversation, and a community!

I’d also like to thank the members of the theatre community who join me on this platform to talk about their experiences and share their time so generously.

A very special thank you goes to the creatives who have taken the time to reach out and invite me to review their work. I know how hard that is to do as an artist, and I am so honoured to share your creations.

I can’t wait for what next year will bring here on Both Sides Of The Curtain!

There are a few new things coming your way, and I am so thrilled to share this milestone and many more with you!

For example, did you know I’m close to hitting 100 blog posts?!

That’s another thing that wouldn’t be possible without all of your support.

Stay tuned for more theatre fun coming your way, I can’t wait to watch how the arts continue to evolve and hopefully, return in the next year!



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