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A Conversation With Giovanni Spano

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

In this very special episode of Break a Leg: Babble*, the Break a Leg girls are joined by performer and pal, Giovanni Spano!

This post is a transcription from an episode of our Breaking The Curtain podcast, available on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.



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C: Hello, stagey friends! I’m Crissy.

J: And I’m Jocelyn. Welcome to an extra special episode of Break A Leg Babble. Joining us today on the podcast, we have our extra special guest, the immensely talented and lovely Giovanni Spano.

G: Hi! Thank you for that intro! That’s really kind of you.

J: Well, thank you for joining us!

G: It’s a pleasure. When you girls got in touch, like it was a no brainer for me because it was so lovely to see you girls in Toronto when we were out there with the show and you know, we’ve kept in contact ever since, haven’t we?

C: We have!

G: So, I obviously want to get to know what you guys are up to at the moment, and obviously you guys want to know what I’m doing at the moment. Whilst we’ve been in this crazy time, we can fill each other in on what’s going down!

C: Absolutely!

J: That sounds great!

G: It’s been too long!

C: It has been!

J: It’s been what, three years?

G: Yeah, I think!

J: In the fall, it’ll have been three years.

C: For you, yeah! And then I went to London, and it’s been two years since then.

G: Oh yeah! Of course you came! Oh my God, how crazy.

C: Right?

G: Just mad, just mad. It seems like it was only yesterday.

C&J: It does!

G: It does. They were good times, but there’s more to come! And I’m sure I’ll see you all very soon anyways.

C: Absolutely!

J: For those of you who don’t know, Gio is actually the reason that Crissy and I got in contact, and are friends, and are here today.

C: It’s crazy!

J: So, I think that’s worth noting, podcast-wise.

G: Two people who deserved to be introduced to each other.

C: Awwww!

G: You both had such wonderful spirits, and energy, and I was just like, ‘You guys should definitely hang’, and it’s incredible that you have this relationship now. It’s wonderful to see.

C: We’re so grateful.

G: Wow, we’re full of cheese today!

C: Yes, all the good feels!

G: Why not? We need it right now, eh?

C: Yeah, we really do, it’s true. We love your Insta-lives!

J: Yes!

G: Does it transpire, does it kind of like… Do you get from it a little bit more of me? Like, get to know me a little bit better? Because obviously, you girls know me really well, but a lot of those people out there are just like ‘Oh, he’s this dude with long hair on the television and singing rock songs, we don’t really care what he’s like.’ However, I feel like, if I sort of engage with the audience a little bit more they can kind of get to know me, and I think that’s great! I think actually engaging and speaking to your audience is super, super important whether it be five people, fifty-five people, or fifty-five thousand people. Just, you know, talking to them every day and letting them know that the reason you do what you do is for them as well.

C: Absolutely!

G: Because, you know like, I do a live session every Friday night from my living room. I think people just think that like, ‘his camera is set up and my microphone is set up, and everything’s okay.’ But the actual fact is that it takes forty-five minutes to sort of set everything up, and you gotta take everything down afterwards as well. So, you’re sort of like, putting aside three-four hours of the day to do it. And literally, the only reason I do it is for you guys, or you know.

I love singing, I obviously love singing and actually, you know it’s a catalyst for me to actually do some singing and learn some new material. But at the same time, there’s been Fridays when you’re just like, ‘Oh no, have I got enough energy to sing?’ Or whatever. But obviously, when I see everybody tune in, you kind off pull your finger out, get your ass in gear and get going!

C: Oh yeah, definitely! It’s been wonderful watching those, during this time especially.

G: Yeah, and you know, this whole time hasn’t been without it’s trials and tribulations. You know? It’s… Not to get too negative, or down or whatever but it’s just… Obviously, theatre is mine and my girlfriend’s world, like it’s our world. And imagine somebody just turning around to you and saying -- I mean, it’s your world, isn’t it? It’s like someone turning around to you and saying ‘By the way, your world no longer exists.’

It’s just like… Shock.

But I’m not the only one in the position, you know, in my position. But it hits hard, and it has hit hard, and it will continue to hit hard.

Although, we’ve had some great news about tomorrow. Live theatre, indoor theatre, is about to commence. However, we have to be socially distanced, which means that, in reality, producers can’t afford to open shows. Yeah, there are certain productions which can be done, but if we’re talking about you know, your 2000 seat theatres, it’s just not financially viable to commence for those producers.

But fingers crossed, we stay positive, and we can move forward. Hopefully, 2021 will be a year where we just slap everybody in the face with high notes!

C: Absolutely, absolutely. It will be a great day when that finally happens, won’t it.

G: Yeah, you’re right, it will be. I know like, Broadway is exactly the same, I don’t know whether Canada is the same… Is Canada the same?

J: Yeah… We are shut down, Mirvish is shut down, community theatre, everything. But, where I am, outdoor performances are starting, which is really cool. A theatre company is doing backyard performances, socially distanced which is… You know, it’s the little wins, right? We gotta accept them where they are.

G: I love that. It’s the micro-wins, yes, 100%! So, yeah. I mean, I’m just talking all the time, so… You guys go ahead, it’s your show!

C: It’s totally fine!

G: ‘You talk so much crap, Gio! Shut up!’

C: No, never! Jocelyn, I know you have a few questions.

J: I do! And I think leading right into what you’re talking about, how suddenly the theatre world just kind of, it was like snapping the fingers and poof. It was just gone. So, like so many artists, we are in this time where there’s that desire to create and connect, but we’re very limited to the ways that we can do that. How are you maintaining the motivation to keep those parts of yourself working and moving forward, even though everything else has stood still?

G: That like, connecting with my audience. So I have, as you girls know, I have been doing a Friday evening, at 8:30pm UK Time… Which is BST, right? I’ve been connecting with my audience by trying out new songs, trying out new things. So yeah, I do that every Friday night, which has been absolutely amazing! So much fun! I have a couple of drinks, whether they be non-alcoholic or soft drinks or whatever, and I think everyone else joins in the party atmosphere. We just have a good time.

It’s so important right now to stay positive and stay optimistic in this current environment. It was really cool to kind of have that outlet. I don’t charge any money for it, I don’t ask for donations, I just want to be connecting with people and doing something that’s positive because I know that everyone is suffering, not just myself. I’m also doing lives every single day, I’ve had to get a regular job. I’m working at Amazon right now!

C: Oh, nice!

G: Yeah, which is like, crazy! Really weird at first, and I’ll tell you a little story about that in a second, but yeah. I’m doing lives to and from! I don’t think people actually want to see me first thing in the morning, cause I get up at 5:30am every single day and get to work for like, 7:30, isn’t it? Yeah, I like to dawdle in the morning, that’s why it takes me about an hour to get ready. I’m a serial procrastinator, and I have to take my time. So, on my way home from work, I connect with people on the lives.

I’ve also been doing some new music, which is going to be released in September. September 4th, so if you’re watching or listening to this, make sure you go and get it! It’s called Reinstate The Rock!

C: Yeah!

G: Preorder August 20th, and it’s going to be released September 4th! So, it’s exciting! What else have I been doing? Learning to be a personal trainer,

J: Fabulous!

G: Yeah! And building this home that I am in right now. That’s been a long old journey for myself. So those are the things that have been happening. I’ve been trying to stay connected with everybody and also try and achieve some goals and dreams that I wouldn’t have achieved if I had perhaps been in a show. I mean, obviously I’d put that all aside to be in a theatre show anyway. I mean, my lady will tell you that I never stop, even if I am in a show, so… I probably would have got it all done as well. 24 hours a day, this thing just doesn’t stop.

J: So let’s just jump right in. You mentioned your new music, can you tell us anything about it?

G: Yeah! Of course I can! I would love to tell you all about it! The first song that is coming out September 4th is Reinstate The Rock and it’s just the most fun song I have ever written in my life. It was because of the pandemic, because of Corona, I just wanted something fun, an anthem. That anthemic vibe that, at 11 ‘o’clock at night, you know, you’ve got your arm around a random stranger telling them that you love them very much and you’re singing, oh, I don’t know, a Bon Jovi or an Aerosmith song like “OH, LIVING ON A PRAYER!

So, that’s kind of the vibe that I was going for. I think it’s achieved it, it's super groovy, super fun, the chorus is gonna be coursing through your veins within seconds, I hope. It’s just a hell of a lot of fun, just good times.

The rest of the music is literally just an extension of me. I think it’s gonna be a sound you guys probably wouldn’t expect from me. I am all about ballads, I always have been all about ballads. I know everybody thinks like ‘Gio is this dude who just kind of runs around the stage and bangs his head and you know is a bit of a rock and roller’, but really I’m a big softie inside and I love nothing more than writing ballads for the entire time that I have been writing music. There’s nothing more powerful than the message in a song via a nice slow tempo and beautiful words. I’ve got a couple of those comin and another big rock song as well. Yeah, I’m excited to get it out there! I haven’t finalized the name of my -- I’m going to be releasing an EP, I think that’s an exclusive!

C: That’s very exciting!

G: Yeah, it’s going to be interesting and I hope everyone digs it because I’m diggin’ it, I’m lovin’ it.

C: I’m sure they will!

J: And we will be listening! We’re very excited!

C: For sure!

G: You better!

J: Of course we will!

C: You know it!

G: Thank you.

C: I love the vibe you described, because gosh, I think everyone can relate to that. You’re at a concert, you’ve got your arm around a stranger, and it just feels right! You know? They’re suddenly your best friend!

G: Yeah, they’re sweaty, you don’t care… We won’t do that in the Corona time.

C: No, not in this era!

G: That’s not allowed.

C: But we can sing about it though, we’ll sing about it.

J: We’ll just wait for it.

G: You know I have some, I’ve got like a performing arts academy as well, and they have this app called TikTok.

J: Yes, TikTok!

G: TikTok, there you go. TikTok! And they said they’re going to make up a dance for Reinstate The Rock and they’re going to put it on there. So guys, if you’re listening, check that dance out, and we’re making this shiz go viral!

C: Oh, that’s so sweet, oh my gosh, please send that to us when it comes out, we’ll share it.

J: Yes!

G: Are you drinking? It’s too early for you to drink now…

J: It’s water! I have water, and I have coffee!

G: Oh, that’s not very rock and roll.

C: It’s straight vodka.

G: She just wakes up in the morning and she’s all like *drinking noises*.

J: No, no, no, I’m such a lightweight. If this was not water, I would be on the floor, so.

C: It’s true!

J: No, it’s good, I’m here! But I am on the TikTok so…

G: She’s on the TikTok.

J: It’ll be my first TikTok dance, I’ll try it.

G: Is it like, banned in America? Isn’t it like, not allowed?

C: Yeah, I heard something about that.

J: Well, we’re in Canada so, like…

G: I thought they were banning it cause, I don’t know, like Donald Trump doesn’t like it, or…

C: Yeah, something like that. I definitely skimmed something about that.

G: But we don’t care about regular news, just musical theatre news.

C: It’s okay because there are so many musical theatre people on the TikTok.

G: So what you’re saying to me now is that I should be on the TikTok?

C: You should make a TikTok.

J: You should!

Gio begins humming Savage Love, Jocelyn joins in.

G: Yeah, that’s all I know.

J: That’s all you need to know, really.

G: Okay, because there’s about 72,000 versions of that song now, isn’t there?

C: Right?!

J: Wait, for real?

G: Yeah, everybody’s singing it different, there’s a Spanish version, there’s a Jason DeRulo version, and there’s a… Yeah, there’s loads of different versions, isn’t there?

C: We’ll have to figure it out, then we’ll do a dance to your song for sure.

J: I’m coming to Montreal to teach you how to use TikTok.

C: Thank you very much.

G: There you go!

J: You know, when there isn’t a pandemic.

G: Right.

J: So, speaking of COVID restrictions, what’s first on your list? Restrictions are lifted, we’re all good to go, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

G: What is the first thing I’m gonna do? I don’t… Do you know what? I haven’t really thought about it. I haven’t really thought about it because I’ve been so bloody busy. Do you know what the first thing I really want to do? And I said it to my girl the other day, just like, “You know, babe, I just want to go on holiday.” I’ve never been more exhausted in my entire life. I think another thing I would love to do is just go to a sweaty dive bar and play with the band. Yeah, just play.

In a perfect world, I would be opening in a brand new show, and that would be absolutely phenomenal. Just a brand new show, we get the restrictions lifted, it was all ready to go, and we just go bam! 2000 people there, new show, amazing.

But I think the number one would be to go on holiday. To sun, and sand, and just to say “Do you know what? 2020 was weird, but we can focus on 2021.” You know?

C: Absolutely.

G: Although, I am a strong believer in living in the moment, and you know, being present and making the most out of every single day, which we are doing. Focus on the good times ahead, you now?

J: One hundred percent. Doubling back, you said you were working at Amazon right now?

G: Correct.

J: So, I have to say, just thank you for working for Amazon because it is kind of saving my life right now.

C: Yeah!

G: Well, we do our best, we do our best. You know what makes me laugh, is, they have on the wall in Amazon: “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” And I was just like, ‘Well, if you’re working hard in an Amazon building, you ain’t having fun, trust me.’ It’s hard work. “Work Hard. Have Fun? Make History.” Thanks, Jeff Bezos. We really appreciate that, yeah. I walk fifteen kilometers a day!

C: Oh my God.

G: Yep. But you know what? I like being physical. People are telling me that I am wasting away and that there’s not much of me left. However, I’m like, super lean, and like, cut so I’m really happy with the result. Do you know what? It’s so lovely to meet - Oh yeah, I was going to tell you that story in a minute. It’s so lovely to meet people that aren’t involved in theatre and see what you know, they’re day to day is. I love my theatre family so much, I’ve been doing it since I was twelve years old, so I haven’t been surrounded by people - I mean, other than theatre people. I haven’t been surrounded by anyone, really. It’s all I’ve ever known, theatre. That’s why it’s such a huge shock to me, because since the age of twelve, I’ve been going into central London to be in shows. But it’s nice to get to know some different people from different walks of life.

It’s hard, it was hard at first, but I’m getting used to it. They’ve cross-trained me, which is great, so I’m stacking the shelves, or I’m picking items , doing customer returns. I like doing the physical stuff. You know, moving big boxes, and things like that. Yeah, so it’s been interesting. I enjoy it, it’s good, you know? It pays the bills in the hard times.

C: Yes, that’s for sure. That’s what we all need right now, huh?

G: I can’t remember what the story I was going to tell you was now. Oh, God I’ve forgotten it! It’ll come back to me, I’m sure it’ll come back to me!

C: It’ll come back.

G: What did you ask a minute ago, Jocelyn?

J: I was just asking you to talk about your job, and how all of us in the arts, we’re all trying to find different ways to make ends meet.

G: Yeah… That didn’t remind me of what I was going to say.

J: I tried.

G: We tried, we tried, but it just didn’t work.

C: I’ll just start whispering, “Amazon, Amazon…” and it’ll come back.

G: Yeah, no, it’s not coming back. I’ll remember eventually.

C: How’s Tash doing?

G: She’s good! She’s being a lazy so-and-so with my dog on the couch right now. Just chillin’ like a villain, just, bottom in my face.

C: The inspiration just to lay on the couch… I feel that. That’s me.

J: That’s where I‘m at today, too.

G: I mean, you’re up early… Half-nine… “Early.”

C: No, I swear, I do wake up regularly at like, 6:00.

J: I was up at 7:00 this morning, so… You have us beat with 5:30. I could not.

C: You win.

G: Yeah, I get up early most days now. I don’t think Natasha likes it too much. She used to be the early riser, and now I’m the early riser. Just like “Darling, we have a day to live, let’s go!” What’s the phrase that they say? “Let’s seize the day!” That’s it.

C: Yes. So you have probably the most dedicated fan base that I’ve personally ever seen. I love connecting with them as well, just to see all the fun Gio stuff on the fan pages. What is the coolest fan gift you have ever received?

G: Oh, holy crap…

C: I bet you get a lot.

G: One that sort of springs to mind, from Canada…

J: Eh!

G: Someone gave me, like a box full of stuff. They gave me cards from Ossington Bay, they gave me… Literally have been watching everything I had been doing. A Toronto Maple Leafs puck…

J: Go Leafs!

G: A Raptors flag… What else… I think I got some maple syrup. It was just super personalized and tailor-made, it was incredibly sweet. But in all honesty, the artwork that people do for me is just incredible. Just incredible, It’s just stunning. They take a picture of myself and draw or paint it and people are just so frickin’ talented and it’s wonderful to see. What else?

I used to wear a pair of red pants in a show called, what was it called? It was like a Queen tribute kind of show. And somebody got a t-shirt printed with Gio’s Red Knickers on it and they gave that to me.

I’m wondering what the most strange, or the strangest gift I’ve ever got has been. I can’t off the top of my head. They were all pretty amazing. Another one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever got, I got given a jar of quotes or tweets and Facebook comments or whatever, on how people perceived my character as a human being, as opposed to just LeDoux, or Willard, or whoever it might have been. Somebody gave me that, I think on the last night of Coliseum, and that was truly, truly beautiful.

For us, it’s just enough for people to come and see the show and say “Thank you, you’re doing a great job, I really appreciate it.” Cause, for some people, theatre is their lives. They literally eat, sleep and breathe it and they love it. They are the best fans in the world. The best fans in the world, and they become family, really. Some people have been with me for years now, years and years and years, fifteen years, and I thank them, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for keeping me going, inspiring me to carry on. When I feel down or whatever, I just think about all of those who have supported me throughout my career and so much love.

C: That’s really beautiful.

G: Yeah! We’ve got all the gifts upstairs, so we’re going to put them all out once we get everything set up. I used to have them on the piano in my old place and they’d all be on the top, sprinkled out these little tokens of gratitude. Which is really nice, really really nice. Yeah, the family are the best. The Giovanni Spano family are just the best, they’re great. They really are devout, which is incredible because I would be nothing without them. And yeah, hopefully we move forward and we grow, because you know… Sometimes they can get protective, you know, they get protective and they’re just like ‘Who are you? Are you real, are you authentic?’

C:That is cute!

G: Yeah, they’re amazing!

J: So, Jesus Christ Superstar, the Arena Tour, Live, just came out and was available for streaming for a while there.

G: The show must go on!

C: Yes!

J: Did you want to talk about that? What was it like kind of reliving that experience?

G: I didn’t really relive it as such. Do you know what? That musical, being one of my favourite musicals, anyways, that experience was incredible. You know when people say “Thank you Wembley!”? I actually got to say “Thank you Wembley!” I got 12, 000 people screaming at me. It was incredible, just unbelievable.

But you know what the best thing about it was? It was that I worked with the wonderful director, Lawrence O’Connor, I worked with a wonderful choreographer, Kim Allen, and John Rigby, and Andrew Lloyd Webber, all these absolutely wonderful people, and just to experience working with those guys was phenomenal.

They told me that Simon Zealot was zealous, he was one of these characters - Because it was set in the London Riots, he was one of these characters who was kind of like a Guy Fawkes, and walked into the houses of Parliament, and hurt himself, or blow himself up perhaps. I know that was going a bit dark for Christ. He was that guy, he would go that far. So I walked with that, and I went with that, and every single night, I would border on the method acting, and sort of lose myself within the piece, lose myself within the music. It was only a handful of us on in-ears, there was myself, Mary, who was Melanie C, there was Ben Forrester who played Jesus, Tim Minchin who played Judas, Chris Moyles who played Herrod and Alexander Hansen who played Pilate. So we were all on in-ears, so I had the ability to listen to the entire show. I could listen to Ben struggling, listen to Jesus struggling, through his moments etc, the crucifixion and whatnot, and Judas at tug-of-war with himself when he was wondering what to do, whether to turn Jesus in or not. Being able to live those moments throughout the whole piece, it was just magical. It was mesmerizing, it really was. I would be backstage, not talking to anybody, I shut myself off from the world about an hour prior to the show and about an hour afterwards, because for me, emotionally it was such a journey. It was magical, it really was magical.

Something I would love to do again, but I’d love to do the like, original version you know? And I think if I was going to do it again, there’s only one role I would probably play, and what role would that be, girls?

C&J: Judas!

G: Correct!

C: That would be fantastic!

J: That would be brilliant! I need to see that.

C: Oh, me too! I’ll fly right over.

G: I think that would be a lot of fun. I think I’ve got another good ten years to play Judas, so we’ll see. It would be very fun. So yeah, it was a magical experience, and it was lovely to see people watching it for the first time, although we did it in 2012. It was lovely to see people’s experience for the first time. Perhaps, some of the people who had been watching X-Factor, they’re watching theatre shows, and it’s sort of bridging the gap between music and musical theatre, which is why I went on that show in the first place, was sort of to marry my two worlds. And it has, it has done that which is really nice. So yeah, it was awesome, I enjoyed it.

J: And just what a gorgeous show to lose yourself in. Jesus Christ Superstar is brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

G: I’m a Catholic anyways, so it’s sort of embroiled in me from a young child. I served as a child, and I’m half-Italian so we are pretty devout Catholics, and it’s nice to just learn more. I read the Bible again, to learn more, and to have my own perspective on it, and I believe that - Not going into it too much, but like, evolution, and my Christ, and whatever would agree that things progress. It was just, as you say, a really lovely experience to lose myself in. Delicious!

J: I think it’s brilliant that you said that, because I have to say, I’m a Christian and sometimes you see a lot of gaps where Christians don’t necessarily agree with Jesus Christ Superstar, so it’s really great to hear you say that they really do mesh and telling that story, even in a different way, they connect and it’s still the same at its core. It just makes it more accessible to people.

G: At the end of the show, everyone’s in tears, which is the complete right way to be. Forget about the fact that people believe he was the Holy One, or whatever, but this young man experienced one hell of a ride. As I said, scrape it all back, right back to the fundamentals. It was unjustified what happened to him. It wasn’t right.

C: It’s so true. Everything you just said is so beautiful.

J: Yeah, it’s deeply human is what it is.

G: Exactly. And also, at the end of the day, and also the other way I look at it as well is, these are wonderful words that he perhaps preached. Take from it what you will, yeah? But this is one man telling you to be positive every single day and to send a good message.

Whether it’s the Dali Lama or the Koran, or whether it’s Jesus Christ, it’s just go with positivity, go with optimism. Just walk with your head held high and smile. That’s it. We find it hard some days, each and every one of us, but yeah.

I have to be a good person, because I can sometimes be an asshole, but then - Oh, wow, she is asleep! Yeah, I have to check myself to be a good man for this one and for my friends and family as well.

C: And choosing kindness right now can be so tough when everyone’s so revved up and so… Going out in the open for the first time since, gosh, March? Everyone’s tensions are so high and it’s just, choose kindness. We have all these people who are just going back to work for the first time, and they don’t want to have to deal with the public’s rage.

G: Yeah. The thing that has actually perturbed me actually, is that kindness with caution. If someone says to you, “Stand two meteres away from someone”, do it. Cause guess what? That person next to you has just lost somebody. Or the person down the road has just lost somebody due to this thing. Let’s not revisit it, let’s not replay silly, silly things that we’ve got ourselves into, you know? Just approach with caution, and that is it, you know? It’s been hard for people. I lost my grandmother just during this period.

C&J: I’m so sorry.

G: It’s okay, it’s okay. She was an amazing woman, a bubble of energy, and she’s completely why I’m as stupid as I am today. She walks with me daily. But, I couldn’t go and see her while she was being laid to rest. You know, when you walk out there and you think you’re invincible, right, perhaps remember those people who aren’t. Or remember that your mother or father or your grandparents or their best friend is not invincible. They’re not a superhero, they haven’t got this protective bubble around them. It could happen to them.

C: Again, so perfectly said. And I think that’s something that so many people need to hear right now, as we’re going out in the open.

G: Yeah, and you do it in that manner, and it makes you feel good about yourself. You know, we’re talking about those micro-goals. So, that’s a goal, you’ve helped. It’s nice.

C: So, I think that is the perfect way to end this. Choose kindness, respect others…

J: Wear a mask…

C: And rock and roll!

J: So let’s just recap quickly, for the people who are listening: so you have your lives Friday at 8:30pm, BST so people can tune into that, they can tune into your Instagram lives, and if you could give us again the preorder and release date of your new music?

G: Giovanni Spano, Reinstate The Rock is available for preorder from August 20th, and it’s droppin’ like it’s hot on September the 4th, guys. So please, please, go and check it out, it’s a super fun song and you’re going to be singing it for the rest of your life!

C: I’m sure we will too!

J: We are so excited! And just to wrap up the podcast, remember those dates, thank you everyone for listening, and thank you Gio for being with us today.

C: Thank you so much, Gio for being here, this was so much fun!

G: Love you, girls! Thank you so much for having me.

C&J: We love you!

C: Thank you for listening to this very special podcast interview. Make sure you check us out on social media for more stagey content! Follow us on Instagram @breakalegbloggers , Twitter @breakalegblog , and check out our website at

J: And don’t forget…

C&J: To break a leg!

*This podcast was originally recorded under our first podcast name, Break a Leg. We have since grown to become Breaking The Curtain.

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