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Also By Jocelyn

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Outside of Both Sides of the Curtain, I've been extremely lucky to work on other projects.

As these pieces aren't published on this site and are still about theatre, I wanted to include the links here for anyone interested!

I will continue to update this post with links to other articles.

Hope you enjoy!

Performer Stuff

Whoa, Mama! Audition Songs For Bright Star By Character

Break A Leg!

Pieces on This Platform are Written With My Co-Creator, Crissy

Hey Guys, Love You Guys: Saying Goodbye to Beetlejuice on Broadway

We Answer Your Questions Part 1&2

Five Questions With Andrew Polec

10 Reasons To Binge Watch SMASH During Lockdown

Five Questions With Samantha Pauly

In Conversation With The Touring Cast of Bat Out of Hell

How Five Online Friends Spent a Weekend Together in New York City

Jammin' Jukebox Musicals

The Top Ten Musical Theatre Songs from the Last 20 Years

First Date Review

Haunted Theatres

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