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Andrew Polec's Legacy Of Love Makes Its Digital Debut

This Friday, Andrew Polec presented the digital debut of his solo concert Legacy of Love on Stellar.

Filmed live at Bucks County Playhouse earlier this year, the concert features Polec’s vocals over a variety of different genres, including rock, pop, traditional musical theatre and more!

Andrew Polec is a musical theatre performer best known for his time starring as Strat in Bat Out Of Hell in the United Kingdom and North America. You may also recognize him from his time Off-Broadway in The Fantasticks, or from television’s Katy Keene or Prodigal Son.

I have been a fan of Andrew’s ever since seeing him perform in Bat Out Of Hell back in 2018. His dynamic vocals and storytelling are matched only by his charisma, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear this concert would be available to stream.

Legacy of Love was incredible from start to finish!

I mentioned before that Andrew is a charismatic storyteller, which you get to see in both his songs and how he guides the audience through his concert. He comfortably shares stories about himself and his career (sometimes with props!) and speaks from the heart about the pandemic, as well as the passing of the late great Jim Steinman, to whom the show is dedicated.

Of course, these stories were accompanied by a fantastical set list featuring songs from The Greatest Showman, The Fantasticks, and even Queen! These are tunes that aren’t easy to sing, especially one after the other, but Polec makes it look effortless as he shifts through the various vocal styles. I always find myself blown away by the vocal athleticism of Andrew Polec, as well as the heart and soul he brings to each piece.

Each song also has its own unique feel, with gorgeous arrangements by music director, Mike Bond. A personal favourite example of this was a jazzy version of one of my favourite tunes from Camelot, which in itself is worth the price of admission.

This beautiful show is centred around the theme of love, in all its different forms, which I think is something we all need right now.

Friday afternoon’s digital debut included a live chat, where audience members watching from around the world could join in and share! This was so special to me after months of virtual theatre, where you can’t turn to the stranger beside you to make sure you’re both experiencing the same wonderful thing.

Even if you missed Friday’s livestream, you still have plenty of chances to tune in to Legacy of Love!

Tickets are still available on Stellar, and I will leave the link to purchase below. The show is not only available to watch until August 28th, but once you’ve bought your ticket, it is available on demand until then, so you can enjoy it over and over again.

Another exciting thing, which fits with the theme of love: the majority of proceeds from this virtual event go to The Actors Fund, a wonderful organization you can learn more about here:

I would highly recommend enjoying this online concert event…

Because who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon being serenaded by Andrew Polec?

I would also recommend bringing tissues, as I cried as much as I laughed and applauded… And loved every single minute of it!

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