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Bat Out Of Hell Is Back!

“The biggest fun night out you can have… With your clothes on!”

Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical has just announced its highly anticipated return to the stage after COVID-19 put a halt to the international tour scheduled to launch in 2020.

A year later, and the show is ready to hit the highway like a battering ram for an epic tour of the U.K and Ireland beginning September 11th at the Manchester Opera House, where the show premiered in 2017. Tour dates are currently scheduled into fall 2022 with over 20 stops along the way!

For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a brief synopsis:

Bat Out Of Hell is a futuristic, rock and roll love story. The island of Manhattan, renamed Obsidian, has floated out to sea and is now under the reign of Falco, a dictator intent on ‘revitalizing’ the city. Living in the subway tunnels underneath the city are a group of genetically-altered teens, known as the Lost, who are frozen at the age of eighteen. When Strat, the wild rebel leader, meets Falco’s sheltered daughter, Raven, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday; the stars align and they fall head first into the wonder of first love.

Of course, this story is set to the legendary tunes of the late Jim Steinman, many of which were popularized by MeatLoaf.

You can click the link below to purchase tickets, and be sure to follow along on their social media accounts so you don’t miss another exciting announcement!

Where will YOU be catching Bat Out Of Hell?

Leave a comment below to let us know when you’ll be rocking out with this fabulous show.

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