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Gabs Sings Babs

This summer, I was lucky enough to head out to Theatre Collingwood’s Porchside Festival and attend Gabs Sings Babs, a cabaret presented by one of my very favourite performers and people, Gabi Epstein.

In this intimate show, multi-award winning stage and cabaret performer Gabi Epstein (“Gabs”) shares her own journey of self-discovery using reimagined rearranged versions of Barbra Striesand’s greatest hits. Gabi honours her favourite performer in this part life story, part musical tribute by addressing themes of person vs persona and influence vs imitation as she explores the impact of “Babs”’s life on her own career. - From Theatre Collingwood.

On a bright sunny afternoon, we were serenaded by Epstein and listened to stories of her musical journey, alongside those of her idol, Barbara Streisand. As their stories ran parallel or followed different pathways, these experiences influenced and shaped Epstein’s career.

Gabi is an incredible storyteller, warmly inviting audiences into an intimate, emotional space. Even as she belts out Streisand classics, she brings a unique twist to these standards and manages to connect with each audience member.

Vocally, she is amazing, and is one of those singers whose technique is so refined, her performance appears effortless, allowing her charismatic personality to shine through.

The good news is that Gabs Sings Babs has been released as an album available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes, so you can listen and enjoy, even if you haven’t had a chance to witness the live show! The album itself has quickly become one of my favourites, wonderful to listen to at any time and includes new takes on Streisand classics such as Don’t Rain On My Parade, Happy Days Are Here Again, The Way We Were, and my personal favourite: People.

I would recommend this album to anyone - from theatre lovers, Streisand enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys listening to a jazzy album featuring fabulous vocals!

For more information about Gabi, to listen to or purchase the album, and where you can find the next live performance of Gabs Sings Babs, check out her website below:

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