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How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry: 3 Easy Steps with Miss Millie Bee

Whether you are an actor, director, writer, producer, composer, or anything in between, you likely hear and think a lot about how damn hard it is to be successful and work in this industry.

But, is it?

What is the difference between two talented people who both put in effort, but one person excels, and the other struggles?

The answer: Difference in mindset.

Whether you pour a cup of coffee, knit a scarf, or win an Olympic gold medal, it happened because you believed you could do that, you decided you wanted to do that, and you did it. A career in show biz is no different.

Here is some insight:

💭You have a thought.

💃Your thought leads to an action.

🌎Your actions create your reality.

Therefore, your thoughts are your reality.

The power of the mind is often forgotten. Be careful. Constantly thinking “this is so hard,” “nothing ever works out for me,” or “I am never going to succeed,” will inevitably lead to these stories becoming your reality.

On the contrary, your thoughts can be used to your advantage. Yay! Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, start thinking about what you desire, and watch your dream life unfold.

Is it really that simple? In a word, yes.

At this point, you are probably asking: “How the hell do I do that?” Well, it starts with this foundation:

1. Stop seeing a lack of opportunities, and start focusing on the abundance of opportunities.

2. When things aren’t going your way, decide that everything is happening exactly as it needs to.

3. Instead of feeling like nothing is ever enough, feel grateful for what you already have.

If you haven’t already pieced this together… this is not just applicable to your career. This is a lifestyle. Start changing your mindset, and watch your entire life transform before your eyes.




Practice these and I personally guarantee, things will fall into place.

Happy thinking!


Miss Millie Bee

Follow me on Instagram @missmilliebee for more inspiration, motivation, and to watch the day in the life of a working actor.

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