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I Stole Satan's Girlfriend Is Delightful!

This weekend, Thornhill Theatre Space presented Pop Up Theatre’s production of I Stole Satan’s Girlfriend by Scott McQuaid.

A banal man known as Dan, sits quietly in the park one evening, when he is approached by the wild and sexy extrovert, Lucinda. Her playful, provoking exchange leads them to a one-night stand. Dan has unknowingly found love with Satan’s girlfriend, and the result of their actions is catastrophic. Now Dan has to make things right and restore the world’s natural order.*

This fourteen-minute virtual production is written and directed by McQuaid, stage managed by Alexandria Tan, and features a small cast including Bryan Tiang, Lara Alyssa, Aniq Durar, and Paul Zarraga.

This new play is simply delightful!

The script is whimsical, R-rated without being offensive, and presents a cheeky look at the end of the world. If you enjoy sitcoms with a supernatural element, this is the play for you!

The three-person cast is tight-knit, and share a playful energy on the stage and screen.

Brian Tiang is hilarious as everyman Dan, and Aniq Durar is devilishly fun as Satan.

However, the performance highlight for me was Lara Alyssa in the role or Lucinda, the titular Satan’s girlfriend. She’s charming, confident, and brings to life a wonderfully written character whose story I can’t wait to hear more of.

Lucinda also brilliantly showcases that even Satan has a soft spot when it comes to love.

I had so much fun tuning in to I Stole Satan’s Girlfriend!

You can still catch this devilishly delightful piece of theatre online by purchasing a $3 ticket here: !

Founded in 2020 by Ryan Thornhill, Thornhill Theatre Space is a digital theatre company which showcases theatre of all kinds from around the world.

Pop Up Theatre was founded by Scott McQuaid in 2016, to create original stage and audio productions.

To find out more about these two companies, you can follow the links below:

*Summary provided by Thornhill Theatre Space.

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