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My 100th Blog Post!

Hello lovely readers!

This milestone has been coming up for a while, and I am so thrilled to finally share what I have prepared for it.

I wanted to make a list of 100 things… But how could I choose?

This led me to create multiple lists of favourite shows, songs, theatre inspirations, and of course, your questions, which all add up to 100!

This isn’t a short one, so let’s get started:

10 Favourite Musicals I’ve Seen Live

  • Rock of Ages

  • Bat Out Of Hell

  • A Chorus Line

  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

  • Waitress

  • Wicked

  • Les Miserables

  • The Last Ship

  • Newsies

10 Musicals I Want To See Live, But Haven’t Yet

  • On Your Feet

  • Bandstand

  • Tina!

  • She Loves Me

  • Hamilton

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Caroline, or Change

  • What The Constitution Means To Me

  • Come From Away

  • Diana

10 Musical Moments/Numbers

  • Overture

  • Elphaba Flies - Wicked

  • Day-O and Act 1 Finale - Beetlejuice

  • Finale - Les Misérables

  • Right This Way - Bandstand

  • Paradise By The Dashboard Light - Bat Out Of Hell

  • Megamix- Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

  • Megamix - Mamma Mia

  • Omar Sharif - The Band’s Visit

  • Curtain Call

10 Musical Theatre Albums

  • The Canadian Cast Recording of The Phantom of the Opera

  • The Bridges of Madison County

  • Six

  • Bat Out Of Hell

  • Bonnie and Clyde

  • Kinky Boots

  • Waitress

  • Bandstand

  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

  • Catch Me If You Can

10 Musical Theatre Inspirations

  • Chilina Kennedy

  • Kerry Butler

  • Lulu Lloyd

  • Ruthie Ann Miles

  • Catherine Charlebois

  • Teale Dvornik

  • Xena Gusthart

  • Gabi Epstein

  • Danielle Steers

  • Lorretta Bailey

10 Theatre People I’d Love To Have Lunch With

  • Paul Wonterek

  • The Granddaddies of MT

  • Granddaddies of Musical Theatre

  • Julie Andrews

  • Kate Lumpkin

  • Barbara Cook

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber

  • Stephen Sondheim

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda

My Top 10 Dream Roles

  • Amalia - She Loves Me

  • Glinda - Wicked

  • Raven - Bat Out Of Hell

  • Ella - R&H Cinderella

  • Katherine - Newsies

  • Janet - The Rocky Horror Show

  • Hope Harcourt - Anything Goes

  • Cosette - Les Miserables

  • Julia - Bandstand

  • Sophie - Mamma Mia

10 Of My Favourite Musical Theatre Songs To Sing

  • Vanilla Ice Cream - She Loves Me

  • Someone Handed Me The Moon - Anne And Gilbert

  • Love Will Come And Find Me Again - Bandstand

  • What Baking Can Do - Waitress

  • One Fine Day Reprise - Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

  • Let It Go - Frozen

  • Fight For Me - Heathers

  • Thank Goodness - Wicked

  • Journey To The Past - Anastasia

  • Santa Fe - Newsies

Answering 10 of YOUR Questions!

What musical, if any, could you picture yourself seeing 100 times?

I honestly don't know! It would probably be something like Mamma Mia, or Rock of Ages, or Bat Out Of Hell: those shows that are non-stop fun!

However, I think my final answer would have to be Wicked. It's a classic and always gives me a warm, happy feeling.

How have you been staying creative during the pandemic?

One of the few bright sides to the situation is how much time we’ve received. So, I haven’t really been creative in different ways, necessarily, but I have time to create in all the ways I’ve wanted to.

I’m still writing here, and taking voice lessons and other classes to continue my training.

I also had the opportunity to organize a few virtual concerts, as well as start as a co-host to a podcast, which are things I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the opportunity to before.

This answer kind of leads into the next question:

How do you stay motivated to create during the pandemic?

I get this a lot. I definitely need to start off by saying that there are times I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything. In this virtual world, it’s so easy to look at something and assume someone is creating and thriving all the time, but that isn’t true. It’s been key in keeping myself inspired to remind myself that my real life isn’t something I can or should compare to someone else’s highlight reel.

As for motivating myself, I’ve really just been gentle with myself. There are no huge deadlines or anything right now, so my goal has been to just take that pressure off and do what feels good for me. Sometimes that’s multiple projects at once, others it’s just time for Netflix and snuggling the cat.

I have been not only more motivated, but more fulfilled by taking the time on whatever it is I’m working on, to make sure it’s what I’m passionate about and want to be doing, and to take breaks while working on it.

What musical did you get into for the first time last year?

This is definitely a hard question to answer because theatres have been shut down for quite some time. That being said, I was able to attend the virtual reading of the developmental lab for shAme, which is a new rock musical based on The Scarlet Letter. It was really exciting, and it’s definitely going to be my new musical obsession once more content becomes available. I can’t wait!

What are your TOP THREE musical theatre numbers of all time?

Of all time? Geez.

This is really hard! But I love Right This Way from Bandstand, Seize The Day from Newsies, and Raise You Up/Just Be from Kinky Boots.

Where do you prefer to sit: Balcony, Orchestra, or Box?

I really love this question, because my answer is actually “anywhere but a box.” Because it’s not easy to see the stage from a box. As for Balcony vs Orchestra, it really doesn’t matter much to me, and most of the time depends on pricing as well as the show itself. If it’s a dance heavy show, or one with large effects, the balcony provides you with the opportunity to see everything, but with more intimate pieces, being closer is much better. That being said, I’m lucky as Mirvish in Toronto usually has sales on their orchestra seats, providing that premium seat experience without breaking the bank.

I do love the mid-orchestra seats though, they really are the best of both worlds.

What is your favourite theatre snack?

Well, I don’t want to eat inside a theatre, and one of my pet peeves is when audience members around me do. I usually go for a meal before or after a show, and going to Fran’s downtown is always a nice preshow treat!

I did love the pies at Waitress, though.

Would you prefer a musical to be adapted for the screen, or released as a proshot?

Proshot always. I love a good movie musical, but so much gets lost from stage to screen. A proshot at least showcases theatre artists, the work of the original creatives, and might even inspire someone to go see a live musical. It also would serve to make theatre accessible to those outside of major cities.

What are your TOP FIVE favourite blog posts so far?

This isn’t an easy question to answer! I definitely have a few favourites, so I’ll share them below!

I got to interview Rebecca Caine, one of my idols, and she is just the loveliest!

Another interview I loved was with Emma and Hannah of Bringing You Broadway, an organization dedicated to bringing musical theatre to exceptional kids:

I also managed to gather all of my feelings to talk about To Kill A Mockingbird:

I loved digging into the real life stories behind hit musicals, especially Hamilton:

And of course, my very favourite posts are the lists of my favourite female characters in musical theatre:

What’s next?

My goal for this year was to get out a post a week, but clearly that’s changed a bit.

I have a bunch of pieces in progress, and will be sharing them with you very soon!

There’s a lot on it’s way here, and on Breaking The Curtain as well! Speaking of the podcast, I am still slowly working on transcribing the episodes for you all, and they will be posted here as I work my way through them!

5 Things I’ve Learned (As A Blogger and Performer)

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or sending invitations… If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

  • Trust your gut.

  • Follow your heart - Commit to what you’re passionate about.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes, they make you better.

  • Take every opportunity that comes your way, you can learn from everything.

5 Things I Love About Theatre

  • It heals.

  • It teaches.

  • It inspires us - not only those who wish to work in the arts, but at our core level as humans.

  • It connects people from all walks of life.

  • Music uses both parts of your brain!

If you made it to the bottom of this page with me, thank you so much for taking the time to help celebrate this milestone!

As I mentioned, this isn’t a number I ever imagined hitting, and it’s because of you that I’ve come this far. If there is ever anything you would like to see on this page, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!

Here’s to 100 more!

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