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Season 2 Of Breaking The Curtain

The ladies from Break a Leg and Both Sides Of The Curtain are BACK and thrilled to bring you the second season of their stagey, fan-favourite podcast! “Breaking The Curtain”; a hybrid of both blog names features everything from Musical Theatre History, Interviews with Broadway and West End creatives, and, of course, stagey ramblings!

Since their debut episode in August 2020, Breaking the Curtain has released 22 unique episodes for theatre fans and artists all over the globe!

You can listen to Season 1 wherever podcasts are available.

Jocelyn and Crissy have been hard at work for Season 2 to bring you even more exciting episodes featuring a line-up of their favourite, shows, performers, creatives, and a lot of laughs!

The first episode of Season 2 will be released tomorrow featuring a very special Show History with a very exciting guest who joined us for an interview all about their time in the show!

You can follow along @breakingthecurtain on Instagram to stay up-to-date for new episodes, annoucements, and more!

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