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Songs for Scrubs: A Digital Cabaret Benefitting The Frontline Fund

Today, I launched a new project called Songs for Scrubs, which will be a digital cabaret streamed live over Facebook while accepting donations to The Frontline Fund.

Talented performers from across Canada have banded together to put together this concert for a wonderful cause.

The Frontline Fund is an organization helping support frontline workers during these unprecedented times.

Their goal is to provide as much support as possible to our healthcare heroes at over 100 hospitals across Canada. The funds are split amongst the various hospitals by need, and go towards medical supplies, support for frontline staff, and research on combating COVID-19.

For more information on The Frontline Fund, or to make a donation, please visit .

Songs for Scrubs will go live on Facebook sometime during the first week of June, and the official date will be announced shortly. We understand that not everyone can donate to The Frontline Fund at this time, but we would still love you to have you in the audience.

Please LIKE & SHARE our Facebook page linked below, and stay tuned for more information! We hope to see you there!

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