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TIFT Rebroadcasts Dinner A La Art!

Last month, Talk Is Free Theatre launched Dinner a la Art, and it was fabulous!

Online play readings full of starry talent and exciting stories were available to audience members after they made a purchase of $30 CAD or more from a Barrie restaurant or business.

I loved everything about this event, and since TIFT is re-launching the event for the month of May, I wanted to share it again.

Of course, I tuned in to the reading of Richard Ouzounian’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby which starred Eric McCormack, Chilina Kennedy, Mike Nadajewski, and more!

I also paired the show with a delicious meal from Donaleigh’s Irish Pub.

Gatsby is my favourite book, and knowing it has become public domain is really exciting because it is just perfectly fit for the stage. This reading was incredible, with most of the script pulled directly from Fitzgerald’s original work.

I could talk more about how much I loved this version, but I think it’s best if I just tell you how to tune in for yourself!

Over all, it’s a delightful experience, and how wonderful is it that we can see theatre as well as support our community?

TIFT will not only be rebroadcasting five fantastic play readings, but this time around audience members can choose from over 100 local businesses and restaurants!

All you have to do is make a purchase of over $30 CAD from any participating establishment, then you receive a complimentary link to the rebroadcast!

If you aren’t in the Barrie area, you can either purchase a gift card or donate your purchase to a stranger living in the community.

The new show dates are as follows, and each viewing starts at 7PM EST.

The Great Gatsby - May 7th

She Stoops To Conquer - May 9th

Heartbreak House - May 11th

Riot - May 13th

Bright Lights - May 15th

For more information on the shows as well as the participating establishments, you can check out their website here:

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