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The Showbiz Clinic

The Showbiz Clinic was founded by West End performer turned choreographer, Xena Gusthart and is dedicated to simplifying “the business of showbiz”. Having spent years navigating the industry, Xena is sharing her knowledge and experience with a new generation of performers.

So far, The Showbiz Clinic has hosted workshops with industry professionals, masterclasses, the Instagram live “How To” series, and has continued working through lockdown via Zoom!

I spent the month of April taking the Pivot Through A Pandemic masterclass series, which was an impressive crash course in theatre business. Over four coffee mornings, Xena explained branding, social signalling, networking and more! I have also worked with Xena in her 1-1 sessions, where she takes her methods and helps apply them directly to where you are in your business journey. Xena is an absolutely incredible coach who has a knack for breaking things down, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams!

Pivot Through A Pandemic is continuing due to popular demand, and another four week masterclass series has been announced for the month of May!

Follow @theshowbizclinic and @xena_gusthart on Instagram for more information, and click the link below to register.

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