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Thornhill Theatre Space to Host 2nd Annual Worldwide Virtual Fringe

Thornhill Theatre Space is excited to announce that their award-winning virtual fringe is back for a second year! Coming off the success of last year's festival, the TTS Fringe 2 will take place the whole month of August.

“We believe that virtual theatre is here to stay and all the hard work put into it needs to be celebrated, which is why we knew we had to bring our festival back for 2021”, stated Ryan Thornhill, founder and artistic director.

This year's festival will again be completely virtual and hosted through TTS social media profiles and the participating companies come from all across the globe. There will be the introduction of a few special events this year including Monologue Monday, Audio Fringe (presented through Spotify), a comedy night and a Poetry/Spoken Word evening.

“Even though physical venues are beginning to open up again around the world, we believe that this new age of digital theatre allows us to connect with artists we would normally not be able to. It gives us an insight into the way artists present theatre across the globe and to us that is the beauty in what we do!”, Thornhill continued.

The TTS Fringe 2 will start on August 1st with a live-stream kick-off event hosted by Thornhill and will include guest interviews, short performances and some fun exciting guest appearances.

“We are so excited to be back again working with amazing artists to present a really exciting fringe festival for you all. From Ukraine to New Zealand, comedy to drama, our festival covers it all and we invite you to join us and celebrate the resilience of theatre”, stated Thornhill.

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