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What's In My Bag? Audience Edition

Like many of you, I haven’t been back in a theatre since before the pandemic started, but things are slowly starting to open back up again, and I’m headed back to a seat in the audience!

Since it’s been a while, I thought we could pack my bag together.

Let’s start with some COVID-19 precautions first, because the only way live theatre can make it’s return is if we all follow the safety guidelines.

Mask & Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a staple in my purse anyways, but especially in this last year and a half. We’ve all become more aware of how many things we touch, and in places like a theatre, it isn’t easy to go wash your hands whenever you need to.

As for the masks, I always carry a spare one in case of sweat, tears, and anything else.

Now that we’ve covered the safety aspect, we can move on to a few things I always take on a trip to the city.


This is more for people who are visiting somewhere new, but even as someone who has taken many trips to the city to see various shows, I always make sure I have access to a map of some sort! It’s always handy to have, even on your phone, to check how long it takes to get where you need to be, and what else is in the area!

What can I say? I like to be over-prepared!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important!


While this may not be on our list during COVID, with masks making lipstick messy, I always bring whatever I’m using for a touch up! Right now, it seems to be chapstick.

Portable Phone Charger

I don’t need to tell you how important your phone is, especially when it comes to maps, digital tickets, and photos documenting your trip (when permitted, of course). So I don’t think I need to stress the importance of a charger, and a portable power bank is a really helpful staple!

And of course, my theatre staples.


Even if you think you aren’t going to get misty at a show, always pack tissues. I’m a bit of a cryer when it comes to seeing musicals, regardless of the storyline. And every time I don’t pack tissues, I end up a mess!

Notebook and Pen

When you see a musical, there is so much to absorb at once. Even before I was a theatre blogger who wrote reviews, I would always sit down after seeing a show to write down the moments I wanted to remember. Obviously, it’s a huge part of my process now, but it’s always fun to look back at a show you’ve loved forever and see your initial thoughts! This also helps for fans who like to scrapbook their trips to the theatre, or whichever way you display your theatre collection.

It also helps if for shows you may not have programs for where waiting at the stage door* is permitted.

Sweater or Scarf

Of course, this depends on how much room you have in your purse. But if you’re like me and always get chilled in a theatre, it’s worth it! Audiences can either be really hot or really cold, and having a light layer that isn’t difficult to get on and off in your seat is always helpful. If it doesn’t fit in your bag, incorporate it into your outfit!


This is a stage door staple.* While most performers bring their own markers to the stage door, I always find it best to bring one in case of malfunction. If you’re visiting the stage door in a place where it isn’t as common as it is on Broadway or the West End, some performers may not have a marker with them. Bringing your own marker always makes sure you’ll have the clearest autographs!

*Visiting the stage door is a bonus, not something included in seeing the show. During the pandemic, many theatres have strict stage door policies to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please follow the rules provided by the theatre to help keep shows open and thriving!

What’s in your bag when you go to the theatre?

Leave a comment letting me know!

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