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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

One of my favourite theatre-related experiences is the chance to see something I have never seen before; especially when I'm lucky enough to see my friends perform onstage.

I had planned to visit The Hamilton Fringe Festival this week to catch a performance of 'You Want It What Way? A Boy Band Tale'. Not only because I have a friend on the project, but because who DOESN'T love boybands?!

Unfortunately, I am unable to make it - BUT I wanted to share the information here as they embark on their last week of shows!

'Frosted Tips Productions Presents:

YOU WANT IT WHAT WAY? A BOY BAND TALE at the 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

From The Monkees to One Direction, boy bands have been an inescapable (and believe me, we've tried) part of the pop landscape for the last fifty years.

Channelling his inner teenage girl, actor and comedian Brian Jansen created You Want It What Way? A Boy Band Tale. It's a sketch comedy and dance show that celebrates boy bands for what they have meant to/inflicted upon our society and it's coming to the Hamilton Fringe Festival from July 19th-28th.'*

Tickets are $12 with a $5 backer button and are available in person, or online at: or

Venue: The Westdale (1014 King St West, Hamilton, Ontario.)

Remaining dates: July 24th @ 8pm, July 26th @ 4:30pm, July 27th @ 11pm, and July 28th @ 3pm.

For more information on this production, please visit their social media pages!


Instagram: @boybandtale

*The description of the show was provided to me by someone involved with the production.

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